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Nadj Villaver | YoManila

Excited to meet the Fantastic Beasts and discover where to find them but thinking if it’s worth the bucks for a big screen? Just watched the movie last midnight and let me help you decide. Don’t worry, I won’t give spoilers (winks).

If you’ve read or watched the Harry Potter Series, surely you wouldn’t get lost with the storyline of Fantastic Beasts. All those wizards, wands, nomag or no magic also known as muggles (as what we know earlier), they’ll be familiar to us. As they promised all of us, it’s a ‘prequel’ to Harry Potter Series. And the setting and story didn’t fail to give it to us. Though it’s a prequel, it has a distinct storyline. What’s interesting also is the revelations (yes, not just one) of the significant twists came at the right time – how we will all find out who is the real culprit of what’s happening in New York and how the Fantastic Beasts will play an important role in the movie.

Eddie Redmayne (Newt Scamander) and Katherine Wandston (Tina Goldstein) fit their roles as main characters. They also portrayed their characters well though some of the scenes were a bit dull. Dan Fogler (Jacob) and Allison Sudol (Queenie) just add color to the entire movie. Jacob’s sense of humor was performed naturally by Dan while Queenie’s seductive charm was really embibed by Allison. The rest of the characters also seem fit to their respective roles, though the last revealed actor, I’m not so sure. Maybe we’ll know if he’s fit to his big role on the next movies.

Though the effects weren’t similar with the previous HP movie series, Fantastic Beasts has its own set of effects. From breaking the grounds of New York to turning them back to its original state, and most especially the Fantastic Beasts themselves, and literally, where you’ll find them. Though we missed the spells, potions and patent effects during fight scenes.
Plot         8 / 10
Actors     7 / 10
Effects    7 / 10
Overall   7.5 / 10
It’s a good comeback for wizards, spells, and fantastic beasts. I haven’t read the book so I’m not yet sure whether they gave justice to the entire story.
(See, I told you no spoilers, right?:)