La La Land

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“It’s surely a love story”, I say after having watched the trailer of La La Land.

Nope. It’s not just about love.

Given that the film has Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling and all of the recognition and awards, one wouldn’t really wonder why it has got so much appreciation, especially to those who have watched it. If you’re not a fan of musicals but a binge watcher of romcoms and Pinoy dramas, here are the reasons how La La Land relates to all of our lives:

  1. Traffic.

This one’s a bit minor, but yes, the traffic in a Los Angeles highway from the first scene is just as same as what we experience every day. *yes, EDSA*

  1. The life of a frustrated actress

Who here has seen Vilma Santos in Ekstra? It’s basically about the life of a bit player in the Philippine industry. Mia (Emma Stone) and Loida (Vilma Santos) somehow shares the same sentiment of how a struggling artist aims to get a role in a world full of hopefuls. And they’re both right: when you think you’re fit for that role, then comes someone who’s better.

La La Land

  1. Love stories

Most Filipino viewers like a hint of the character’s love stories, whatever the genre may be. The movie did not just revolve around this, but also on their ambitions, and of course, the musical part. Pinoys would surely get something sensible out of this, because just as how Mia and Seb have done it, there would come a time that life would make us choose. And with or without a companion, it’s up to us if we’d go or not.

  1. One More Chance

Who does not know this film? Being one of the most loved Filipino movies, this one has taught us how career and lovelife sometimes do not work hand in hand. Life would give us options, and you will only be allowed to choose one at a time. Basha chose her self-development first as she worked for a company apart from Popoy. Mia, too, decided to work on her goals as an actress in Paris, as Seb continued on his own, too.

  1. La La Land is within us

In case you don’t know, la la land could mean two things. It could either pertain to Los Angeles or Hollywood, or being in a dreamy world or when your mind’s wandering apart from reality. Mia’s been dreaming of being a famous actress, while Seb dreams of having his own jazz club someday. Same as we are. We, Filipinos, are mostly ambitious. This isn’t a bad thing, because dreams do come true. Even daydreams.


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