Mitzi Ilagan |

Doctor Strange is a brilliant but arrogant neurosurgeon who flawlessly finishes operations with his powerful hands. When he meets an accident, his most precious body part turns into something of less worth.

If he was just another ordinary human being, he would probably let himself become useless for his injury. But a tough guy inside of him urged him to search for a solution. And that made him venture to Nepal, where he has learned to spin circles of flame and cast spells that brings him to other dimensions. There, he met the Ancient One, who, ironically, drew energy from the Dark Dimension to become immortal. That revelation was surely a threat but that didn’t make Doctor Strange’s side fight against one another, but together against the others.

During the days when he was trying to create circles of fire using his bare hands, he thought he knew everything. He thought that science is the only answer, that monks and spiritual activities couldn’t bring his normal life back. Most people are exactly just like him, ignoring truths and asserting their thoughts because of ego. But the Ancient One was there to guide him and make him realize that only if he would listen, then he could make things happen.

“It is not about you.” The Ancient One is someone who you should really listen to. Arrogance and fear kept Strange from learning, but later on, she makes him realize that it isn’t just about him. As simple as that.

Doctor Strange may not be as famous as Thor, the Hulk, Spider-man, Captain America or other Marvel heroes, but he sure knows how to make us laugh, too. He’s a hero with a goatee and cloak that levitates. He’s strange, but he’s a good kind of strange.

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