Cherry ANgioma Treatment

Having a blood red spot or red mole in the skin, especially in areas where it is very noticeable can be a real pain. And even though cherry angioma is totally harmless, having them can be very uncomfortable and disturbing.

What is Cherry Angioma?

Cherry Angioma is skin condition where in a bright red spot suddenly appears in the patient’s body. It can grow anywhere from the scalp down to any other body parts but they are more common in the shoulder, arms, torso and legs area. The size of angioma varies from a small dot, up to a spot with a diameter of a quarter inch. Its shape, color and texture are also different with every patient and some of these angioma are slightly elevated but others are just flat and even with the skin.  

This condition usually occurs in people who are 30 years old and above and the angioma can possibly multiply or grow bigger as the patient age. There are many factors being blamed for having this red spot. Some say it is because of pregnancy, climate, chemicals, vitamin deficiency, breaking of tiny blood vessels or they are hereditary.  

How to treat Cherry Angioma?

People who want their cherry angioma permanently erased are often offered medical treatment options that include different types of procedure.

Laser Treatment

One common type of Cherry Angioma treatment in Bristol is the use of laser to break down the cells in the affected area through light energy and allowing the system to absorb it and eventually remove it out of the body. The process is gradual and you will notice that the angioma becomes darker and will eventually fade after a few weeks.

The number of treatment sessions depends on the size and condition of the angioma, some patients only need to do the procedure once, but others may require multiple visits. This Cherry Angioma treatment in Bristol offers fast and convenient experience with very minimal side effects such as slight bruising after the procedure.

Electrodessication or Electrocautery Treatment

Laser treatment can sometime get a little pricey, that is why some patients choose other types of cherry angioma treatment in Bristol such as electrodessication. This method is commonly used by experts in removing tumors or other type of abnormal skin growths. The procedure involves the use of electric needle to burn off the affected area. The angioma is then scraped off and the skin is expected to heal with minimal scar or a white mark. Though the process is a bit painful and the healing time is longer, single session is often enough to treat the area.

Excision Method

Another treatment option for Cherry angioma is the excision method where in angioma is basically cut out or shaved off from the skin under local anesthetic. Though effective, this method can cause pain and obvious scars in the affected area.


Cryosurgery is a medical procedure that is commonly used to remove warts form the skin. Through the use of liquid nitrogen swab or spray, the angioma is frozen and the skin will instantly peel and the angioma is expected to fall off. This is a fast and easy way of treating cherry angioma but the procedure can sometimes fail due to many different factors. The process is typically done once and if unsuccessful, the patient is offered other kinds of treatments.