fitting bras

Choose the correct bra, wear it like a lady boss… Yes, all of you do this. But what you may not know is that you can experiment with bras too, and still find the right sizes. But how do you scientifically choose the right ones? When you take the science route, there are a lot of things to consider. Take a look at a few tips and never go wrong again!

  • Measure yourself correctly

This is the first step toward getting the right shape. How do you measure bra size? Measure around the fullest part of your breasts. This is your breast size. Now measure the band size; around the area where the bra strap sits below the girls. If you got an odd number for your band size, add one to get your band size. Add 2 to an even number.

Now that we have the measurements out of the way, how do you know what your cup size is? Subtract your band size from the breast size and the number that you get gives you your cup size. If the difference is 1 inch then your cup size is A, if it’s 2 it’s B, 3 is C and so on.

While measuring you must remember a few things. Keep the measuring tape horizontal to the ground and your arms by your side. You might need to take some help for this.

Getting the correct size is the first step to getting the right shape.

  • Suit your shape

What is the shape of your breasts? You may be aware of different sizes but are you aware that you have to find a bra that suits your breast shape as well? We know that all shapes are different and even though you measured correctly, certain bras may not suit you. If you’re in doubt, consult a professional who can help you find the right kind of bra for you.

You would need suitable bras under different kinds of clothing too. Find the bra that suits you at

  • Commonly overlooked issues

There are a lot of small issues that you could face when looking for the correct bra size. How do you know if your bra isn’t the right one for you? If you are spilling out of the cups or the cups are not sitting snugly then your bra is ill-fitting. Is there space to put in 2 fingers under the band of your bra? There must be space for 2 fingers; if there isn’t, it’s either too loose or too tight. Your bra must not dig into you from anywhere especially not the straps. This can cause headaches. Choose material that allows breathing. Synthetic material can suffocate the skin.

Your bra just has the purpose of giving you support. It must not be uncomfortable. A good bra isn’t supposed to be visible under your clothes in any way (unless intended). Choosing the right bra can be tricky, but with a few basic tricks, you can never go wrong.