Stop The Spread Of Germs and Parasites

There are some things you can never get rid of until you take precautions on a daily basis. You might have heard about parasites and germs but are you aware of how they spread? As a responsible citizen, it is your duty to take steps to ensure that the germs and parasites do not spread and infect others.

What are parasites and germs?

First and foremost, you need to understand what germs and parasites are. Germs have the power to produce toxins and change the normal body functions by damaging the organs. They get into your body through food, air, water or a human being and then multiply. On the other hand, parasites are organisms which live on other organisms like human beings and they use food to get into the body. There are also parasites which need physical contact to get inside your body. There are simple yet effective steps you can take to stop parasites and germs from spreading.

Tips to stop the spread of parasites

  • Do not share the comb: If you do not want to get infected with lice, do not share your combs. Lice lives on all the hairy parts in your body and this is where they lay eggs and suck the blood. This is why you get lice when you use a comb which has been infected with lice. One of the most important things is to never share the comb and to kill the lice using a medicated shampoo.
  • Shower regularly: Lice lives on the skin while mites burrow into the skin to lay eggs. This can cause itching and an infection known as scabies. You need to ensure that you shower regularly and use a medicated shampoo to keep the parasites away. Also, do not share clothes with anybody.
  • Sundry clothes: Apart from keeping your personal items separate, you also need to ensure that you wash your clothes and sundry them at all times. Sun will naturally remove the parasites from your clothes.
  • Maintain toilet hygiene: You might have heard this many times in the past. You need to keep your toilet clean and maintain proper hygiene at all times. Wear shows before and after you use the toilet.
  • Cook food well: Uncooked food is an open ground for worms. This includes foods like meat and this is why you need to wash and cook your food well.

Tips to stop the spread of germs

  • Do not share your clothes: There are a number of skin disease which can spread simply through physical contact and when you share your clothes or towels with somebody, there is an increased chance of the diseases infecting you.
  • Drink treated water: You can easily prevent water borne disease if you use treated water. Boil the untreated water to kill the germs and only then use it.
  • Cover your face when sneezing: If you suffer from a cold or feel a cough or sneeze coming on, you need to cover your face with a handkerchief. This will ensure that no one catches the disease you have.
  • Wash your hands once you use the toilet: It is important to maintain basic toilet hygiene and this has been said more than once. When you use the toilet, you will have to wash your hands using soap so as to ensure that there are no germs on your hands.
  • Keep the rubbish covered: The entire rubbish inside your house will be packed with germs and it will attract rodents and insects into the home and into your body. You need to take logical steps to dispose the rubbish in an appropriate manner. Always keep your rubbish stored inside a bin and keep the bin covered at all times.

If you want to stop the spread of parasites or germs, it is not as difficult as you might be thinking. First of all you need to cut off all the agents through which the germs spread and then maintain good hygiene at all times. By proper hygiene, you need to take essential steps to keep your food, body and home clean. When you eat clean, washed food, your health improves and when you wash your clothes and keep your home clean, you ensure that there is no spread of the germs in your premises. Always keep in mind that germs and parasites will have an impact on your health and body and it is your duty to take steps which are essential to stop their spread.