fur coats

Adding a fur coat to your wardrobe is a lot more than adding another item to your collection. A fur coat is a symbol of prestige, luxury, and timelessness. During the coldest winter winds, nothing can keep you as smug and comfortable as a fur coat can.

Be it an ultra-soft vest or a rustic trimmed jacket, fur can offer numerous options and designs for you to choose to your liking.

Types Of Fur

Every type of fur has a texture which carries off a certain sense of uniqueness only it can. Before you choose your perfect coat, it is essential that you know the pros and cons of every kind of fur.

Mink Fur: A plush and elegant choice, mink fur is also highly durable and lightweight. Due to its features, it can be worn alongside a casual attire as well as a formal one. Long Haired mink fur strands have a soft but dense underfur and a shiny outer layer of fur. They are a symbol of elegance and the detailing can vary based on the price.

Rabbit fur: Rabbit fur is a choice that balances warmth and lightweight and hence is easy to carry off. They are extra silky and soft and naturally longhaired. The heavenly feel of rabbit fur cannot be replaced for its beauty or versatility. It can be dyed, sheared or sculpted for a unique and expensive look that suits you.

Fox Fur: Another great choice of fur would be that of a fox, which is fluffy, warm, plush and yet lightweight. The outer coating is made of long lustrous guard hairs while the inner lining consists of thick underfur. You can find some exquisite options at evansfursandleathers.com.

Beaver Fur: This natural long haired fur has semi coarse guard hair and an unbeatable sense of warmth. It is also highly durable and portrays a truly unique sheen. This lustrous and thick choice of the coat can keep you warm while looking fabulously in style.

Raccoon Fur: Raccoon fur is dense, soft, fluffy, and warm and comes in beautiful colors. They make a gorgeous choice for a tuxedo trim and collar. It offers a grand warmth and comes with a dense underfur and tipped guard hairs.

How To Care For Fur Coats

To keep your fur coats last long and stay intact, it is essential that you store it in specific conditions in your closet. Using a wide hanger and storing it in a dark isolated space can help reduce the damage that can be caused due to friction as well as climate. You should also get your coat regularly cleaned by a professional before each winter. Giving them to an expert for safekeeping during the summer seasons is also a recommended way to keep them perfect.

Avoiding chemicals in close proximity to the fur attire is integral to ensure that the animal skin does not get damaged with the exposure. Hence avoid wearing perfume or hairspray while you sport your luxury fur coat. It should also be left outside a cloth bag to ensure it can breathe and stay durable.