Fur Coats

A symbol of luscious comfort and wealth, fur coats are also a storm in the world of fashion. It is impossible to compare the refined beauty of fur to any substitute. It does not only put up an impenetrable wall against any cold winds, but it also adds an air of sophistication to you.

Furs have been used since years to ward off the cold and nothing can substitute its insulation powers. Although synthetic furs exist which look and feel the same, they cannot be compared to original fur.

Synthetic And Natural Fur

Animal fur is taken from creatures grown in farms and reared for their fur. They are killed painlessly to extract the fur. It is only a human way of living, to depend on animals for products such as meat and fur. During the colds of the north, it is only logical to use fur for warmth.

The argument that synthetic furs are not harmful is misconceived. Synthetic furs, in fact, take years to degrade and break down, thereby imposing weight on the earth. Natural fur is easily decomposed and does not contribute to waste.

Understanding Fur And Its Types

If you are looking for the perfect kind of fur to add to your wardrobe, it is only logical to spend some time understanding the types of options you have and hence help make your investment worth its value. Ranging from mink fur to rabbit fur, they all differ in looks, texture, and feel. To browse through some exquisite fur designs, you can check Evans Furs and Leathers.

Rabbit Fur

Rabbit fur is an affordable variant which is surprisingly soft and light-weight while being warm enough in the cold times. The highlight of rabbit fur is its smooth and silky texture which is made of medium length guard hairs. It is a plush and smooth variant and is also denser like a chinchilla.  It can be colored with ease, sheared or knitted into unique designs or creations with the right kind of creativity.

Fox Fur

Fox fur is a perfect combination of plush and weightlessness while being highly fashionable and lustrous. They have long and smooth guard hairs unlike rabbit fur and are fluffy as well. They make a great addition to headbands, cuffs, wraps, and collars as well. They are a manifestation of warmth and beauty. They also come in a lot of natural colors such as red, silver, white and grey.

Lamb Fur

This type of fur is long and curly and also considered exceptionally warm. They tend to be on the heavier side but is one among the affordable versions of fur.

Beaver fur

If you are looking for a warm, durable and exceptionally thick variant of fur, then beaver fur may be the ideal choice for you. They have a semi coarse guard hair and comes with a unique sheen and soft underfur.

Raccoon Fur

Raccoon fur is dense, soft, fluffy, warm and lofty. They come in beautiful colors and are perfect for collars and trims. They are quite durable and has a soft and heavy underfur.

Coyote Fur

Coyote fur comes in natural hues of grey-brown, off-white and yellow-grey. They also have unique and beautiful highlights. They are an excellent choice for coats, blankets, and hats as they are resilient and beautifully unique.