Things you can do in Boracay - Yo manila

There are a lot of things you can do In Boracay whether you are on your own or on a budget. These activities revolve around visiting and exploring places, eating and drinking and shopping.

Here are the activities that you engage-in:

  1. Visit more of Boracay’s beaches

Not too many people know that Boracay has 17 beaches. Most people only know about White Beach, Puka Beach and maybe Bulabog and Diniwid Beach. There are 13 more beaches, each with their own attraction such as Tambisaan for snorkeling and two secret beaches with untouched nature.

You can get to most of these beaches via a tricycle and to even more of them via island hopping. With island hopping you can also visit more beaches in less time but you can only control which beaches you visit and how long you stay at each when you book a private tour.

  1. Feast on seafood at D’Talipapa

D’Talipapa is Boracay’s biggest seafood market with 23 different kinds of seafood to choose from. After buying your seafood, you can bring it to one of the many nearby restaurants that specialize in cooking your seafood.

  1. Enjoy the vibrant nightlife

Experience Boracay’s lively, positive and friendly nighttime atmosphere. Go bar hopping, clubbing or listen to live music and make new friends either on your own or via Pub Crawl.

  1. See Boracay from above on Mount Luho

Mount Luho is the highest point in Boracay where you have an obstructed 360 degrees view of the whole island. You can get there via a tricycle ride or via the ATV driving activity.

  1. Beach bumming and swimming at White Beach

Enjoy the core of what Boracay is about – laid back beach life in paradise. Kick back, relax, take a swim and take in the beauty of White Beach and its surroundings. There are many restaurants and bars in front of the beach to enjoy too.

  1. Join a beach volleyball or soccer match

While beach bumming is very relaxing and rejuvenating, getting some exercise can be great fun too. Join the locals and other tourists in one of the several beach volleyball matches along White Beach or Puka Beach or join a beach soccer match in Station 1. The beach sports start in the afternoon as the island cools down.

  1. Visit Willy’s Rock

Willy’s Rock is Boracay’s number 1 symbolic landmark and a popular spot to take pictures and watch the sunset. It is located in the middle of Station 1. The water up to a few hundred meters south of the rock becomes very shallow during low tide, resulting in a large area with a very thin film of water. It’s beautiful to walk through and will leave you in awe of a good day.

  1. Gaze into the sunset

Sunset is the busiest time on White Beach, especially in Station 2. So if you want to experience a more quiet romantic sunset, it is recommended that you visit the north of Station 1 or the south of Station 3. Both are relatively quiet areas.

Other good places to watch the sunset are Puka Beach and while sailing on a Paraw sailboat. Puka Beach is a good place to watch the sunset because while on White Beach sunset is the busiest time, it is the quietest time on Puka Beach.


There are many things that you can do in Boracay, whether you are on your own or on a budget. You can definitely find something that will suit your mood and personality.