Beach Vacation

Sometimes we just want to let down our hair and get away from life. Sometimes we don’t because we don’t have the finances planned. Here’s the good news, even with limited resources you can make a trip happen with the right planning. Going on a vacation isn’t so difficult anymore. Find a quiet, small beach nearby and coordinate with friends to make the trip happen. We recommend beaches because beaches are the most relaxing and sea breeze is rejuvenating.

  • Pick a non-tourist destination

Beaches are more expensive than inland holiday spots and tourist beaches are the most expensive. Steer clear of these tourist beaches and go to a quaint, quiet one instead. A non-tourist destination will be cheaper and affordable. It may not be very fancy but will serve you just as well.

  • Pack your own food and supplies

Spending on food and supplies are some of the biggest expenses that you’ll incur on a trip. Cut cost by packing your own food and supplies. Sun-screens, medical supplies and hygiene products are all small expenses that amount to a hole in the pocket during the vacation. Pack these supplies beforehand so you don’t have to purchase anything. Beach resorts and destinations are more expensive and everything is overpriced. Getting your supplies from your town will be cheaper and economical.

  • Go camping

Renting a hotel room, a resort or a vacation home will burn a hole in your pocket. Instead camp out. It is more adventurous and perfect for relaxing. You can find a list of tents to choose from, on this blog post, for your next vacation.  Pitching camp leaves you to be independent on a low budget. You can travel all you want instead of being confined to the hotel room or vacation home where you may put up for the vacation.

  • Consider an off-season vacation

Holiday season sees the most crowded beaches and expensive vacations. Steer clear of those and plan an off-season vacation. You’ll avoid the crowd and the expense that comes with it. Find a place that you like which is away from the norm. The novelty might be riveting too. It gives you a chance to explore more places and then make an informed decision about your preferences.

  • Go as a group

A vacation is best done in a group. Be it friends or family, taking a group of close people could make your trip more enjoyable. A group is also economical in a lot of ways. You can share the major expenses and divide duties which gives everyone more room to enjoy. The light banter and bonding may really liven up your mood.

  • Plan your expenses

When going on a low budget vacation it is wise to plan expenses before you go. Plan your budget and set aside the decided amount. Since planning is a group effort, it is advisable to do so before leaving for your trip. Allocate your expenses according to the inputs from everyone.

  • Budget

Budgeting your vacation helps in keeping the expenses in check. Even when you’ve planned your expenses there would be unforeseen expenses. Budget the purchases and buy only what is absolutely necessary. Instead of buying 2 souvenirs, buy one. Improvise and take a cheaper souvenir. Allocate budgets to people.

  • Plan your trip

Plan your trip beforehand if you’re going as a group. Discuss everyone’s ideas and choose the ones that have the majority vote. Take everyone’s preferences into consideration and plan the vacation so it sits in your budget and you get to do all the fun stuff everyone wants.

  • Get your own vehicle

Rather than renting a vehicle, take your own. Your own vehicle will be more economical as you just have to contribute for the fuel. However in the event that you’re going as a big group, rent a big van. It’ll be just as much economical as there are more people to contribute towards the fuel and rent expenses.

A low budget vacation is definitely fun especially when you had no hope of taking a break. It takes slightly more planning but every minute is worth it when you get away from the mundane routine and take a much deserved vacation. If you’re thinking of taking that vacation just do it. Waiting and getting frustrated is just not worth it. Even if it is a short break, a break is a break. So grab it!