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Doodles Paw Couture is founded 2006 by owner and pet couture designer Ms Bernie Alfonso-Leytte. Doodles Paw Couture is a pet apparel and accessories manufacturer and retailer.

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It is a business born out of passion and love for pets. It started as a hobby and a part time income for the owners. Both of which are full time bank employees then. Ms Bernie working as a Senior Manager in an International bank and Sir Chris as an Assistant Manager in a competing International bank as well. On the onset of 2008 they decided to make it as a full time business and started manufacturing in bulk. But with the Ondoy Typhoon, 2009 was a challenging year for the small business. Operations were affected and things had to be decided. But by the year 2010, Ms Bernie developed spine problems and was advised to bed rest for more than 8 months, with this period by 2011 they decided to focus in the business and make it as their sole source of income. After about 2 years of rest and recuperating, Ms Bernie is able to go out and travel little by little and started to do interviews, public speaking of advocacies and more aggressive marketing and production, 2012 was a great year for the online base company. By 2014, yet another life challenging moment hit the business with the passing of Sir Chris.

But with full determination and will, Ms Bernie move forward and embraced her niche. She started to do more events and public speaking, embracing her stature as the Philippine Pet Fashion icon. Owner has the untiring dream of going global and promoting Philippine made products.

  1. The first hand sewn sweater was made by Ms Bernie. This started it all. The family was travelling and they needed to dress up a chiuaua x mini pinscher against the cold. Looking for a ready to wear pet apparel, they found that all are imported and cost too much. Hence, Ms Bernie bought a bonnet and cut holes in it and sew it as a sweater. Because of this fun discovery, she started to make it as a hobby.
  1. Friends and family started to order different outfits for their pets, mostly dogs. The couple started to entertain the idea of putting up a small business that would answer the need of market. They looked for Philippine Made pet apparel and none was found. What they found out was that Imported brands are in the market and costs a lot. They thought that these items should be accessible to all pet lovers. They started to make items for sale.
  1. While juggling full time employment and small scale business, owners decided to be part of their family owned pet shops to be opened in Tiendesitas. This time they had to mass produced already to comply with the need of 3 shops operating at the same time. They looked for suppliers but mostly are imported and being a Pinoy Product advocate , they do not want to buy imported. At this time,they found few Pinoy made apparel but quality and style is not at par with what they have in mind. They started to mass produce and sell wholesale. They decided to do this with the advocacy that: they will only employ housewives, in line with Ms Bernie’s advocacy of empowering Filipinas who wanted to better their family lives. Along with this, they do not use plastic to pack each item. This way they will be able to help the environment in their small little way. Until now, they do not pack each item in plastic.
  1. Doodles Paw Couture started to do online selling of retail and wholesale. Maintaining its aesthetics and quality . This revolutionized the pet apparel market and opened new venues for pet lover’s community: Fashion Shows. Pet apparel is no longer the simple kind, now it is about fashion and lifestyle. With its tagline “The smart and affordable way to pamper your pets.” They were able to offer the market 100% better pet apparel with 25% only of the usual cost. Ondoy tragedy was a big hit for the company, operations was on halt for quite some time. Hence, developing a different scheme of operations with the workers in mind. The owners decided to give away the sewing machines to the housewives and let them work in their homes. This way they will be able to continue earn money without having to leave their homes. This way, all families are protected and operations will not be affected.
  1. Another challenge was faced by the owners when Ms Bernie was asked to bed rest for a long time. But this gave a venue and time for her to strategize and brand Doodles paw Couture to what it is today. Not allowed to travel or walk , she was able to continue design and make necessary plans for the next years protecting the interests of the workers and the plan of making it as their source of income.
  1. It is now believed as one of the popular brands in the pet industry .Partnering in pet events and being invited to different shows, etc. However, Ms Bernie is still recuperating so only the husband Sir Chris attends to these activities.
  2. Family decided to close the shops in Tiendesitas and plan for a better branding for 2013. At this time, the brand is recognized in the industry and is a sought after partner in events and features, whether on TV , newspaper or magazines. Ms Bernie started to do public speaking to promote education on proper and best practices for pet wear. She believes that while it is about fashion and aesthetics, all pet owners should be responsible and should be educated of the responsible pet clothing.
  1. The first stand alone Doodles Paw Couture pet fashion boutique is underway, soft opening middle of January 2013.

2014. Her husband died and the company and Ms Bernie’s story yet again reinvented. She started to do consultations officially for both human and pet products on marketing, branding and operations.

2016 at present, while Ms Bernie remains the Philippine Pet Fashion Icon/Guru and continues to actively support responsible pet ownership and do mall tours for responsible pet fashion awareness, she expands her consultancy and includes brands and establishments on pet care or on maintaining pet friendly atmosphere.

Instagram: @msberniedpc

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Doodles Paw Couture
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