Bed Bugs

The thought of the tiny little bugs that live in your bed sucking your blood while you sleep can be daunting in itself. What makes things worse is that these are hard to detect and even tougher to get rid of. Though they do not spread any serious disease except skin rashes, bedbugs can still be annoying. The best way to deal with them is to prevent them in the first place. If they exist, take immediate action to get rid of them. Being watchful about the signs of an infestation is equally important. Here are some signs that you should be vigilant about.

  1. You wake up with itchy spots

Waking up with itchy, red and inflamed spots on your skin is the most noticeable indication of an infestation. They usually bite in a distinctive pattern so that you can recognize that it is bed bugs rather than any other insect. Bed bug bites are usually linear, which is not the case with mosquito or flea bites.

  1. There is a musty odor in your home

An unexplained, musty odor in your bedroom could indicate the presence of these unwanted intruders in your home. This is because they release pheromones, a substance that can produce a strong odor when the insects are present in large numbers.

  1. You sheets are stained with blood

Another sign that rings warning bells are tiny blood stains on your sheets when you wake up. This is likely to happen when you squash a bug unconsciously while you sleep. The best approach would be to opt for professional bed bug control Seattle because this sign indicates a major infestation.

  1. There are dark, rusty spots on your mattress

Dark, rusty spots on your mattress and bed linen are another red flag that you should not overlook. These are caused by the fecal matter of these tiny insects and may even give off an unpleasant odor. Take quick action because this indicates a major infestation.

  1. There are dark spots on the wall

Surprisingly, bugs can leave fecal matter on the walls of your room as well. This is the reason that you should be vigilant about dark stains appearing on the walls and not only the bed. If you think that you have bed bugs but cannot find anything on the mattresses or sheets, check the walls of your room for this sign.

  1. You find their shells in your furniture

Bed bugs periodically shed their skin in the form of white, husk-like shells. Keep a close eye on them as they may be found along the headboard and mattress. You may even find them under the furniture or between the sofa cushions. They are most likely to be shed on wood or fabric rather than plastic or metal.

Be extra careful and inspect your bed and furniture regularly if you travel a lot because bed bugs are most likely to come along from hotel rooms. If you buy used furniture or mattresses, double-check them before you bring them home. The best approach to handling bed bugs is prevention, while professional control services should be taken if you have to deal with an infestation effectively.