Patricia Aleckzandra | YoManila

In a world where technology dominates our everyday life, blogging is one of the few ways to express your thoughts through writing. Not only can you express your feelings through it but nowadays, you can earn money through blogging. That may sound enticing yet blogging can take a lot of work. Blogging is like entering a battlefield. You need strategy to stay in the game and win the war. In the last Blogapalooza held at Novotel Hotel, Sky Gavin of When In Manila talked about some useful tips to gain more followers for your blog. Here are the 5 tips we got from her.

  • A “Top 10” lists is a great way to get an article trending. This has been tested and proven effective by a lot of bloggers. Putting numbers on a lists can catch the interest of a reader. Take these two titles for example: 3 Ways to be Rich versus Ways to be Rich. Personally, I would read the article with the latter’s title than the former. It may not sound appealing but it sounds easy. It made the article look like it can give you three easy steps to be rich. Aside from making hard things look easy, numbers give us the impression that the article is summarized and will be easier to read. And if you’re reading this article right now, I’m pretty sure I made my point.
  • Inspire awe, laughter and amusement. Did you know that according to researches, people are more interested in articles that leaves you good feelings? Happiness is a thing that is craved by many, and people will do anything to be happy. That also means reading content that pushes positive feelings not only to themselves but to other people as well. That leads them to posts and share more articles that helps spreading good vibes.
  • Make sure your articles are trustworthy. Put a byline on your content or “own” your content. When people recognizes you, it is easier for them to find you and read more about your content. Through this, you can create more followers. Make your articles truthful and not because you are paid to write good stuff about it. As much as possible, be truthful.
  • Mix text with visually appealing elements. Isn’t it nice to read plain old texts? That is why it is actually advisable to mix your content with images that can catch the attention of your followers. Remember that your photos should be appealing and engaging. GIFs are used because it often portrays certain reactions about topics. Not only do you put photos but also videos that is related to your posts.
  • Re-promote your article after it has been published. After all the work and publishing you have done, it is just right to re-promote your article. Post it on your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram. Try to have a catchy text post to go with it. You can also post your articles to groups you have joined in or even to your relatives. You should have an effort in promoting your work as much as making it possible.


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