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There’s no denying. Filipinos love eating, wherever we are, whatever the occasion is (even if there is none!), who we would dine out with, or how much would it cost us. More so, if it’s something that consists of Filipino favorites, then a meal would probably be more enjoyable.

Filipinos love to eat.
That should be the main reason, right? No matter what we do, food would always be involved. When in buffets, we could hang out, discuss a business, celebrate birthdays, reminisce with old friends, plan family gatherings, or simply eat dinner together.


There are lots of choices.
When in buffets, you would not only find Philippines but also Japan, Italy, or even India. Everything that you might have been craving for would be present in stations in the buffet. Even when we do not know the cuisine or the name of the food, if it looks and tastes good, then it should be on our plates.


It’s almost everywhere (and now affordable!)
Before, going to buffets would cost you hard-earned money, especially if it’s somewhere inside a hotel. But now, a buffet can cost for as low as 300php! Just like the newly-opened Chef Laudico’s Feast in SM Clark, with only 500php, you could enjoy the sushi, carving, pasta, rice, Filipino meals and the desserts stations.

There’s no need to compute.
When dining out, sometimes, it’s a hassle when you want a variety of food and then you have to add them all up. What’s more is when you’re in a tight budget and still, you want to eat everything. When in buffets, you could try everything out with a fixed amount to pay. That’ll be more convenient, right?

It’s always a feast.
Eating in buffet restaurants could lighten a mood of anybody because who else won’t be more cheerful with the sight of food? If in feast, or fiestas, a lot of merry-making and eating happens, it could also be present in buffets. If you’re in someplace like Chef Laudico’s Feast, it would surely feel like a feast because aside from the food, the ambiance itself is hearty, together with the banderitas-like ceilings which adds up to its fiesta-feel.





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