Boracay activities - Yo Manila

There are a lot of things that you can do during your vacation in Boracay. Since it is an island, there are many water-related activities that you can do. If you prefer to just relax and laze around, you can visit a spa and have a message. Here are some of the travellers’ favourite Boracay activities:

  1. Banana boating. This is a common beach activity but is still worth the fun every single time.
  2. Flyfishing. This is the more exciting and more thrilling version of banana boating. You should try it if you want a little more adventure.
  3. Helmet Diving. This activity was designed for those who cannot swim but still want to experience being several meters deep underwater.
  4. Parasailing. Get a decent view of the entire island while several meters up it the air.
  5. Sunset Sailing. Enjoy the breathtaking sunset in Boracay while riding the paraw or local sailboat
  6. Snorkeling. Discover how Boracay’s underwaters are teeming with life. You can bring your own snorkel or you may rent from one of the contractors in the Island.
  7. Jet Skiing. Enjoy a ride in the waters of Boracay on a jetski.
  8. Kitesurfing. This water sport is more popular among foreign tourists. You can enrol in a full kitesurfing course if you want to try this sport. If you cannot ride with them, you can watch them in action in Bulabog beach.
  9. Windsurfing. Similar to kitesurfing, you need to take a full course before you can windboard.
  10. ATV riding. Stay away from the beach for a moment and go ATV or all-terrain vehicle riding along the highways of Boracay.
  11. Reverse Bungee (GMAX). Experience this extreme adventure ride which is the latest craze in Asia and can only be found in Singapore and Boracay.
  12. Glass Bottom Boating. Discover life underwater without the hassle of getting wet.
  13. Zipline and Zorbing. It’s always fun to feel the rush when you are on vacation. Get the adrenaline pumping by ziplining and zorbing.
  14. Get a message. After a tiring day filled with fun activities, relax and get a message. There are hundreds of massage spas scattered within the island and most of them are along White Beach.
  15. Get Braids. Play with your hair and try a different hairstyle.
  16. Visit and Shop at D’Mall. D’Mall is the best place to do your shopping in Boracay. You might be able to see great finds and thrift items that you may want to take home.
  17. Visit Boracay’s Ocean Tower. You will get your best view of the entire island of Boracay here at Ocean Tower.
  18. Visit AquaFun Boracay. It’s a floating water park that features trampolines, slides, swings and even climbing walls. It even has a giant slide that will send you into the sea. It also has a blob launcher.
  19. Get Henna Tattoos. If you want to get a tattoo but without the pain, get a henna tattoo.
  20. Go on a food trip. Enjoy Boracay’s food offering from the typical Filipino dish to foreign cuisine. Enjoy refreshing fruit shakes, mouthwatering ice cream and crepes and sumptuous seafood dishes anywhere on Boracay.