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Patricia Aleckzandra | YoManila

Having guys as friends can give you an exciting thing in your life. It is so unusual for girls to befriend guys because they are scared of being misunderstood. But trust me, they might be the one you will need in times of dire situations. Growing up with the dudes around really can have good sides. If you are “one of the boys”, you can relate to these things.

  • People will always label you as a flirt. When people see you hanging out with too many guys and treating them differently, they will all assume that you are flirting with them disregarding the fact that you are more comfortable with them. Not to mention, people will assume that you have dated them all. Why?!
  • You have less drama than others. One thing you will love about having guy friends is that the you get to experience drama when it is needed. No fighting over small things, no random cat-fights; and Yes, NO, and MAYBE are means yes, no and maybe. Life is simpler.
  • Over-protectiveness. Above all things, it is them treating you different from others girls that you will appreciate most. They are over-protective in a way that they want you to always feel safe secure when you’re with them. Their over-protectiveness include constantly checking what you wear on your gala days; you being able to sit on the passenger sit; bring you home just to make sure you are safe even if it means driving to the opposite direction of their home; checking your admirers, suitors and keeping an eye on them; and letting you realize that they will always be your brothers and you will always be their one and only princess.
  • People will say you’re a tomboy. Because you are more comfortable playing NBA with them than shopping with the girls. And you just can’t help but know more of what guys want and think. Most. Of. The. Time.
  • Constant death threats from the ones they date. There will be times when their dates can’t take you anymore. Trust me girl. You’ll be eating death threats for breakfast and more in the evening. You might even lose contact with your guys just so their dates would quit bothering you. Talk about being a psycho.
  • Your guys will be blunt as blunt can be. This is a great thing about having guy friends. They are very straight-forward and don’t like too much drama, so they will give the sweet and bitter truth even if you are not asking for it. My best guys friends would just burst out telling me random things I try ignoring like what I wear, or what I should eat, or what I look like, because I just don’t want them being noticed. Thanks to them – and the many instances they try telling it the nicest way – I am fully aware that I should just be writing than singing.
  • You can be gross, disgusting, and they will never judge you. Burping, picking your nose, not taking a bath, and farting won’t faze them. Being gross won’t change how they see you. Except if you reek big time. They might give you a full-package bathroom essentials as a gift.


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