Moving-In With Kids

Yo Manila | Moving into a new house can stir up many emotions. Where some people are super excited about this new phase of life, some people are very reluctant and insecure about leaving their comfort zone.  

It is much harder for children to accept this change. They are too comfortable in their own home and attached to their rooms and school friends. Children are too innocent to understand the concept of change and are often found sulking at the idea of a new life.

Here are some great ideas which can help you to ease your kids to move into the new house happily:


  • Talk to your kids first:


Before you consider some houses or even talk to your realtor, it is important to talk to your kids about the idea of moving out. Do not expect them to be as excited as you are or even like the idea after one talk; take things slowly and give them enough time to consider this idea. They might show anger or sadness but make sure to tell them all the positive points of a new house. Pampering them with the idea of having a room of their own choice is a perfect way to lure them into liking this idea.


  • Make your kids meet the realtor:


If you take your kids along while meeting the realtor, they will appreciate the importance given to them in this decision. It is essential to take your children into consideration while telling your requirements to your realtor. A good school and safe and friendly neighborhood are important factors which will affect your child’s growth and development. For example, if you are looking for a house on Lake Keowee, you can ask your realtors from Top Guns Realty to look for the most secure and friendly neighborhood for your children.    


  • Make moving fun:


It is actually a very good idea to make moving fun in order to make your kids like the idea of a new house. Do not show your stress or burden in front of them. Creating little games out of the moving boxes or gifting them something according to how much they helped to pack are some ideas of making this process fun and easy.


  • Set up a routine ASAP:


The reality of moving into a new house sinks in once you settle down and unpack all your boxes. So it is important to set up a routine as soon as possible so that your children do not feel awkward and miss their old house. A routine will also help your kids to feel comfortable and familiar in their new home.


  • Allow them to moody:


Children, especially teenagers, are affected the most as they have to change their schools as well. With a new school, they also have to make new friends which can be difficult for many children. So it is natural for them to be cranky and moody; allow them to feel those emotions but it is important to talk to them about this change. Encourage them to make friends in schools and neighborhood; meet the parents and teachers or throw a party for your child’s classmates so that they can interact and be friends.