Thank you

Ann Gabriel |

After a successful job interview, most applicants tend to forget the value of thanking their interviewers. Gratitude always leaves a lasting impression.

It is common courtesy to thank busy people for taking the time to give you an opportunity to sell your skills. It is highly important for an applicant to stand above the rest, meaning to differentiate himself / herself from the competition. Sending a thank-you note is considered valuable.

It is best to remind interviewers about how the skills tie to the hiring needs of the company. Always assume that there are other candidates being interviewed for the position, and many of those candidates may have skills similar or better than yours. Spending time letting interviewers know of your interest and telling them you’re already thinking about how you could create value for their company could give you additional merits on the hirer’s assessment.

Don’t be desperate when writing the thank you note.

Don’t make it appear that you’re demanding that they hire you or demanding by giving a deadline.

Make sure that you write well, as the beauty of a well-crafted handwritten note can show deeper investment and appreciation than a simple thank you can.

Respect the process that the company has set. Make sure that you don’t show any signs of desperation when following-up even when you know that the company is still working through the selection process.

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