Dubai 2019

No doubt, shifting to a new house is always very exciting but it comes with surprised unplanned costs, logistics issues and much more. Moving out is a very stressful situation, thus proper planning should be there.  The following guide will help you in moving out in a relaxed manner.

If you are moving out and doing things on your own, wait a minute you need some help. You can ask a friend to help you with packing; the agent can make the moving out and shifting in a new house easily. They can help you with clearing the bills from Etisalat, Dewa and Water Supply Company. You need to clear the payments and do the cancellation before shifting out. You can also transfer your old account to a new location if the provider services are there. Hire a moving out company, they will shift all your furniture and other items safely and will place them nicely in the new home. Yes, they are bit high priced but still worth your comfort. Doing shifting and unpacking on your own can increase the cost of buying new items if you break the old ones while shifting.

Before shifting to a new house, keep the following points in mind featured by Dubai real estate brokerage house :

Notice to the Landlord: check your contract and make sure about your notice time to the landlord before shifting Dubai, usually, the notice period is 2 months. If you move out before that you need to pay the penalty fee. However, it depends on your rapport and landlord; if both negotiate things can have room.

Get NOC: it is advisable to get NOC from your landlord. It depends on the emirates you live in, but Dewa a utility company requires NOC to cancel the connection and to refund the security. You also need to give NOC to the building manager as they have to hand over to the security guards.

Rental Agent:  call your previous rental agent who arranged a villa or apartment you are living in. they know about your dislikes and likes and thus can help you in getting a new property of your choice.  They have a good idea about your budget and can arrange within that.

Maintenance and Repair Company: Before moving out, it’s good to talk to repair and Maintenance Company who can come and fix all the things to the condition when you got the new house. They can clean the house well, paint, and restore all the property items to correct condition so that you don’t lose the security deposit.

Movers: it’s stress-free and pain-free. Hire a good mover company, they will come home do all the packaging and will also unpack in a new location. They are quite professional and know their job well. Talk to a few movers and get a nice price before finalizing one.

Utilities: If you are moving in within UAE, talk to your electricity and water supplier, they will transfer the connection to the new place. If you are going out of UAE, you need to cancel all the connections and get the refund of security.

Internet and Telephone: Talk to your service providers if they can arrange the connection shift to a new place if you are moving within UAE. If the old service provider is not present in a new location, discontinue and check a new one.

Insurance: Make sure your moving out the company is insured if in the case of loss or damage happens to your valuables.

Permit: You need to have a moving out a permit if you are living in an apartment or a villa with a proper security guard. You need to give this permission to the moving out company so that they can come inside the building and do all your work. You also need to give moving out company details to the security guard.

Last Check: When all the things are out of the house, check the electricity and water connection. It should be turned off so that there isn’t any surprise on the final bill and moreover no leakage and hazards.