Living Area Organized

Living rooms are the most essential part of any household. Especially if you have a big family with kids, living area is the most occupied space of your house. It is the area where you sit together as a family, talk and discuss things, where siblings fight with each other over the remote control, where you celebrate the win of your favorite team on the super bowl night, and where you scold and makeup with your children. All of these happy and important moments mostly happen in the living room of your house, which makes it obvious that the living area is the most used area.

Being used almost throughout the day, your living area tends to be messy most of the time. It can be difficult to keep it clean throughout the day which gives a very bad impression of your house and also cause you stress. Here are some tips and methods to keep your living room clean and organized:

Occasional Chores:

  • Vacuuming: You should make sure to vacuum the living area carpet once in a while. It will take out all the dust and stink out from the carpet. You should even send out your carpets for dry cleaning once a year.
  • Clean your sofa and chairs: Cleaning your sofas is very important for the hygiene of your family’s health. There are several ways to clean sofas. To clean your Mid-Century sectional sofa, you should apply different techniques to different fabrics. For example, you can use the cleaning equipment, which contains chemicals, for normal sofas but not for a leather-based sofa.
  • Miscellaneous: You also need to clean your curtains, blinds, fans, and air-conditioners on an occasional basis in order to ensure a healthy environment in your house. These may include professional’s help but is essential for a clean household.

Daily Tips:

  • Dusting: Giving half an hour to your house can make your house look clean and tidy. You should take some time out daily and do the dusting of the whole area, including the TV stand, furniture, show pieces, and other accessories. It can be hectic for you to perform this chore daily, and balance between work, kids and chores. So you need to involve the other people of the house to help you out. In this way, your living area will be maintained and your kids will learn to be responsible.
  • Make use of shelves and stands: With kids in the house, it is normal to find plenty of things lying around in the house like headphones, toys, chargers, books, craft, etc. Also, there are some things like magazines and newspaper which needs to be in the living area but looks messy when placed on the table. So it is important to have some bookshelves, some stands, and some other organizers which you can use to keep all these stuff in. You will not have to go to your room to fetch every little thing, plus, your living area will look organized and tidy.
  • Keep changing the covers and mats: You should make sure not to use new table mats, coasters, and pillow covers for the routine use. You should take out all the new stuff when you have guests at home. You can use regular covers and mats for daily use.