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Ozzias T. Villaver Jr., Ed. D. | YoManila

Any relationships begins in friendship.  This may be for a short period or it can be a “forever.”  Psychologists believe that relationships between two individuals will depend on how they accept each other; how they are prepared to face the obstacles when these come; and how they will sustain their relationships as they discover their own strengths and weaknesses.  Such relationships would determine the real personality of each individual; hence, for lasting harmony and happiness of both individuals.

Here are some tips to preserve true friendship of both individuals which will end up a lasting friendship.

  1. Honesty. Let sincerity, honor and trust of both individuals established upon accepting their starting point of friendship.  These elements will certainly sustain their genuine companionship.
  2. Caring. It is good that both individuals show their sensitiveness on the needs of each other.  There is always great feeling of relief, comfort and support in each other. This is a very essential value of true friendship.
  3. Openess. To sustain the relationship towards a lasting friendship, both individuals should not shield or withhold the truth.  They must be accessible to one another in order to discover their strengths and weaknesses as they deepen their knowledge with each other.
  4. Sense of Humor. Getting together is not all the time in serious mood.  Nobody can live without tasting the laughter side of life.  For laughter relieves the painful moments of life and a smile can be a medicine of loneliness and expresses the serenity of the heart.
  5. Purposive. This is a very significant element to have a sustainable friendship.  For both individuals show a pure intention of companionship.
  6. Initiative. As the relationship continues, both friends will try to give their best effort and time and resources in order to extend their unsolicited or unexpected help.  It becomes a reflex to them to do something worth without being told or ask.  Such act is gratifying for both individuals.
  7. Acceptance of Shortcomings. To engage in friendship, both individuals should be ready to accept their own weaknesses.  Because a sincere friendship will enable to change these weaknesses into strong means or assets to qualities of life.
  8. God-driven. Friendship becomes so meaningful when it is blessed by the hand of the Creator.  For life finds harmony and serenity when it is truly dedicated to the Almighty.  And so, friendship to be truly harmonious, contented, fulfilled, and lasting, both individuals commend themselves everyday into the precious hand of God.

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