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Ozzias T. Villaver Jr., Ed. D. | YoManila

Got pets at home? Here are some tips how to maintain a good relationship with your pets:

  1. Talk to you pet/s everyday.

Pets are absolutely sensitive.  Like human beings, they have also five senses.  It needs only patience to feel and understand what they want.  A daily one-on-one conversation will make a difference.  Treat them like a person who can understand and react what you are telling them.  Like parents to their child, when you talk to them sometimes with little incentive/s, your pets will certainly be able to respond somehow.  While talking to, for instance, a dog waggles his tail; a cat looks at you with a beautiful eyes and sounding meow; a bird tweets and tricks softly his peak with twinkling eyes, and so forth…  A daily conversation to your pets means less stress and knowing them better.

  1. Caress/hug them everyday.

Pets like to be massaged especially their back, head, and ears.  Your touch to any part of their body may mean to them closer to you.  A gentle touch from you will always be remembered.  Before you leave your place and when you arrive home, touch them gently with some words of care.

  1. Give personally the food and drink to your pet/s.

Pets get closer to a person who gives frequently their food and drink.  Like human beings, pets remember those who extend food and/or drink to them.  As you give them food and/or drink, talk to them so that the sound of your voice become familiar to them.

  1. Play games with them everyday.

Pets enjoy playing.  Pets feel thrilled when you play with them. Perhaps, you can do in any of this situation:  let them run for the ball or stick; let them jump over a stick or chair; let them roll on the grass; let them look for you as you hide somewhere; and, let them swim in the pool or beach with you.

  1. Do not scold or shout to them, if it is not so necessary.

Like human beings, pets do not like to be scolded or yelled.  They feel scared somehow too.  Although it cannot be avoided sometimes, nevertheless, it is better that you compose yourself from doing so.  Apply the principle of empathy.

  1. Do not strike, throw or kick them, when they do not listen to you right away.

When you hurt physically your pets often, the tendency for them is to fight back or run away.  If possible then, give yourself a space and time and again apply the principle of patience.

  1. Show to your pets that you really care for them 24/7.

 As your companion at home, you must be very sensitive and responsive to the  needs of your pets, physically and emotionally.  But, do not spoil them.  Being friends, they will respond to your needs just as you care and love them.


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