get out of the friend zone fast

Rod Gabriel | YoManila

Trapped in the friendzone? I have a few tips that will make it easy for you to get out of the friendzone fast.

According to Wikipedia, the friend zone is a situation in which one member of a friendship wishes to enter into a romantic, while the other does not. It is generally considered to be an undesirable or dreaded situation by the lovelorn person. If a desired party does not return or respond affirmatively to the advances or affection of the desiring party, but continues to participate in the friendship in a platonic way, it is sometimes described as friend-zoning. According to some psychologists, the man in a cross-gender friendship is more likely to be attracted to his woman friend than she is to him, and he is more likely to overestimate her interest in a romantic relationship. 

The person in a friendzone experiences pain, most especially when closeness to the other person has already been established. Most probably, the other person has no clue about your feelings. In this state, both men and women have very less possibility of opting for a relationship with the person they simply see them as friends.

Just how do we get out of that friendzone?

Reject the fear of rejection and be prepared to lose the friendship. We often wonder how to get out of the friend zone as we are absolutely unable to tell that person how we feel.

Here are a few tips help for you to get out of the friend zone fast.

Be attractive.

Being trapped in the friendzone means you failed to attract your friend. It is highly important that you focus on yourself first. Start looking food, so that when the other person notices you, that person might think of you in a different way. Practice good hygiene and most importantly, smell good. Change your current outfit. It is possible that you are currently dressing up without the intention to attract. Make sure that you look nice. This is the first step.

Behave appropriately.

Don’t act like a friend. Coffee dates are a no-no. Invite the other person to dinner. Make sure that her attention focuses on you. Make sure that your intention is crystal clear. Give the other person a chance to see you in a new light and that you have high chances of qualifying her several point checklist.

Behaving as a friend is far different than our behavior in loving someone.

Don’t be a ‘YES’ person

The common mistake that people in the friendzone make is that they always say yes to the whims of the other person. When you do this, you are digging up your friendzone grave much more faster than before. It is a wrong notion to think that the other person will change their mind when you start acting too good.

Let go of this submissive nature.

Don’t be afraid

Fear is a negative feeling. You can control it. Take that one step to be more intimate. Go out on dates. Break that friendzone wall.

People stay in the friendzone because of the fear of losing that friendship.

If you love someone, start sending the right signals. Be confident enough that you can positively escape this zone, and make the other person fall in love with you.

Give space.

Spending too much time with the person decreases your value as a prospective partner. Let your friends take more of your time. Move out fast of the unreciprocated painful situation.

Make the other person realize that he/she could be possibly in love with you. Make your absence felt.

This step will reduce too much emotions caused by the attraction that you have on this friend.

Like I said, Go out on dates.

Don’t hesitate to ask the person on a date. I know it’s not that easy to ask a person out, but hesitating to ask the person will prolong the agony. Make sure that you observe for possible attraction signals. If there is, take the next step. Dare to court immediately.

Express your feeling

Express yourself and confess your feelings. Take control. Get a wingman or a confidante before confessing your love. The wingman or confidante must be a mutual friend. It is important to involve a mutual friend to first let the person know in advance that you are in love with them. Ask your mutual friend to tell him/her that “I think that (“your name”) is in love with you”. It is important that this other friend take the first step in informing the person, so you could get an idea on how this will turn out. If the other person reacts differently, you don’t lose this person as a friend. However, being friends with this other person might prolong the friendzone agony. If the person acts differently, it is best to stay away from the friendship.